Water Maze WB Evaporator

  • Submerged Combustion Wastewater Evaporator


The WB series is the first to use the extra high efficient submerged combustion technology to deliver 100% heat exchanger efficiency sending the heat directly into the water, not up a vent stack, creating significant operational and energy cost savings.

  • Evaporator applications normally have smaller volumes of wastewaters with characteristics that are too complex and expensive for traditional treatment methods. The process of evaporation is a thermal exchange of heat into the body of water.


  • Top-of the-line immersion tube jet burner components, with a solid-state flame control monitor.
  • Temperatures up to 2000°F.
  • Waste streams up to 120 gallons per hour.
  • Auto purge, auto start/stop and auto fill come standard.
  • Heat-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel sparger tube.