Wastewater Pretreatment Equipment & Accessories

A critical step in the wastewater management process is to prevent untreated pollutants, which range from solids to liquids, out of groundwater and sewers.

Our Most Popular Wastewater Pretreatment Equipment & Accessories

Pretreatment makes it easier for water treatment systems and wastewater management systems to operate effectively. The right equipment enables you to cost-effectively manage the capture and safe disposal of these pollutants

Mi-T-M and Water Maze professional water treatment systems are engineered to meet the clean water demands that many manufacturing and industrial companies face. Water Maze and Mi-T-M branded solutions are tailored to each customer’s specific wastewater management application using an array of products and advanced technologies. Systems include:

  • Pre-Treatment Water Systems
  • Oil-Water Separation Water Treatment
  • Coagulation/Flocculation Water Treatment
  • Evaporation Water Treatment

Water Maze High Boy Adaptable Filtration

Water Maze High Boy Adaptable Filtration
  • Index Polishing Filter for filtering out solids 

The Water Maze Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF) solids unit utilizes inexpensive fabric media to filter out solids. Filter fabric, which is supplied in 5, 20, and 50 micron sizes, is automatically indexed onto a recessed conveyor belt constructed of a high tensile, non-corrosive material. As water and solid particles drain through the filter fabric, solids are retained. As the water level rises, a float will actuate a drive motor and the conveyer belt will index the spent paper and new paper replace it.

Can be used as pretreatment or post treatment to another water treatment technology to remove particulates or as a standalone treatment system.

  • Carbon steel exterior with a stainless steel interior.
  • Exterior mounted drive motor with a covered housing.
  • Includes a collection container for spent paper and sludge.
  • 82-gallon tub included.
  • Optional discharge pump available.

Water Maze pH Permissive Control System

Water Maze pH Permissive Control System
  • pH Permissive Control System balances water pH 

The PH-3020D system incorporates: a digital (dual) pH controller that monitors and adjusts to both base and acid pH set points; a circulation pump; and chemical injection peristaltic pumps. Once the pH set points (high or low) are satisfied, the permissive interlock system of the controller will provide an output signal for the purpose of downstream release and/or post processing of the water.

A balanced pH promotes solids to settle out quicker; emulsified oils to become more buoyant; and some metals to precipitate.

  • The pH Sensor analyzes the water as it goes through the line.
  • The pH Controller is pre-programmed to maintain the pH level and no additional programming is necessary.
  • Standalone systems.
  • Factory installed options incorporated into a base product.

Water Maze and Mi-T-M Fiberglass Pit System

Water Maze and Mi-T-M Fiberglass Pit System
  • Easy to install In-Ground Fiberglass Pit Systems

As compared to poured-in-place concrete pits that may eventually crack and allow water to leach into the ground, our durable prefabricated fiberglass pits immersed into concrete can provide double containment.

The In-ground Separator (IGS) is uniquely designed with two sets of standing weirs that force solids to the bottom of the pit. The Fiberglass Pits are ideal pre-treatment of heavy settable solids prior to entering in the in-ground collection sump, as well as providing a water collection sump, and submersible pump lift station.

  • Features a Catch Basin, 3-Stage In-Ground Separator and Sump Basin.
  • Chemically resistant fiberglass inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Easier and less expensive to install concrete.
  • Available in three sizes.

Water Maze Alpha-1500D Above-Ground Separator

Water Maze Alpha-1500D Above-Ground Separator
  • Above-ground oil/water separator.
  • Treats and discharges collected wash water to meet local and federal sewer sanitation regulations.

The Alpha is a highly effective above-ground oil/water separator that works in conjunction with catch basins and collection pits to treat and discharge wash water to meet local and federal sewer sanitation regulations. The genius of the easy-to-use Alpha system is the proprietary “maze” design of the oleophilic-oil-loving coalescing plates, which are meshed together and aligned at a specific angle to produce optimum separation of oil and water.

  • Accommodates water flow rates of up to 15 GPM and can be used in conjunction with other systems or serve as a stand-alone oil-water separator.
  • Rust-resistant tank made of 12-gauge stainless steel.
  • Industrial-duty ultra-violet water odor treatment ozone generator for optimum odor control
  • NEMA control center for automatic operation

Water Maze Compact CoAg Water Management Center

Water Maze Compact CoAg Water Management Center
  • Can be used as a pre-treatment, post-treatment or as a stand-alone water treatment system.

The Compact CoAg employs chemical coagulation and flocculation water treatment technology to enhance and speed up the process of removing suspended solids and most types of emulsified oils. The Compact CoAg unit is typically combined with a separator/final blending tank that has unique internal piping, along with an auto-purge system that results in very little standing water within the system at the end of the day.

  • Enhances and speeds up the process of removing suspended solids and most types of emulsified oils.
  • Utilizes a patented process for applying and mixing proprietary blends of chemical coagulant (CoAg+) and flocculant (EC+) to effectively de-emulsify oils and to agglomerate suspended solids.
  • When combined with the Water Maze IPF2-20 Indexing Polishing Filter, the agglomerated solids and oils are removed from a clarified stream that can be recycled or discharged (as allowed by local regulations).

Water Maze CLT-300 Modular Clarifier System Base

Water Maze CLT-300 Modular Clarifier System Base
  • Can be used as a pre-treatment, post-treatment or as a stand-alone water treatment system.

The CLT-300 is an above-ground, cone-bottom tank used to enhance existing pit water treatment systems that may be too small or do not provide adequate pre-treatment. With its 300-gallon capacity, this cone-bottom tank can provide lower clean-out maintenance costs compared to many in-ground pit systems.

  • Ideal for oil/water separation.
  • Utilizes cross-linked polyethylene cone-bottom tanks with steep, 55-degree slopes for maximum solids separation.
  • Each tank has a full open top with removable lid and includes heavy duty metal stand with cradle.
  • These base models are also incorporated into other Water Maze clarifier models and can be an economical alternative to expensive pit water treatment system reconstruction costs.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.

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