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What our customers are saying.

Coming up with the best “Barrel Solution”:

“When it comes to oak barrels, Brette and tartrate build-up can detract from a wine’s flavor. We chose Hotsy Pacific because they’ve got the winery experience and knowledge we need. They worked closely with us to figure out the right equipment solutions for these problems, and even brought out the proposed equipment and demoed it right on a barrel, so we could see it in action and evaluate the results. Their after-sale service is outstanding, making sure everything is performing as promised. They really are there for us whenever we need them.”

– Cline Family Cellars

Exceptional service and quality:

North Bay Equipment is our go to when it comes to purchasing new Optima XD steam cleaners. Service and repair is top notch. We perform regular routine maintenance, however these guys will go above and beyond to ensure our units stay operational. We have had 1 unit for 10 years and just purchased 2 more new Optima XD’s. They are workhorses and get used continuously for 10 hours/day everyday. We have nothing but good things to say. North Bay Equipment has a good selection of parts and accessories. Next purchase will be for a commercial grade pressure washer! 5 stars!

– T. Giles

A cleaning solution that saved a lot of money:

“Daily cleaning failed to eliminate the buildup on our filler head conveyor, costing us in breakage and labor. Hotsy Pacific really impressed us because of their solution-focused approach. They suggested we rent the recommended equipment for a day as ‘proof of concept’, along with training on how to use it effectively. Their machine provided the same cleaning power as the 5 low cost pressure washers we had been using. What a money and time saver!”

– Trinchero Family Estates

Unparalleled quality and service for your business needs:

I purchased a Hotsy pressure washer for my business. These guys have been aces since day one. They have taken care of me with any issue I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend these guys and their equipment to anybody in need of a pressure washer.

E. Hawley

Delivering beyond expectations for pressure washer repairs:

These guys are awesome. I came in for service on my pressure washer and left out as one “happy camper”. My burner was not turning on and I needed hot water for an upcoming job. Sean and Mario got me going in a short period of time. While diagnosing my situation, they found some items that needed immediate attention and they fixed them for me. I really appreciated Sean’s suggestion to hang around while they performed the work, as I was able to chat and get educated on some finer points on the operation of my pressure washing unit. I would definitely recommend North Bay Equipment. Very professional approach, friendly, (No B.S) and knowledgeable about their craft.

F. Baptiste

Going above and beyond for customer satisfaction:

I want to complement the people at NorthBay Equipment. The new hot water system they installed was not compatible with our well water and piping. Rather than give up on the whole project and play the “Blame Game”, Sean stayed the course, researched the water chemistry and installed a different heating unit at his expense. He and assistant Mario finished the job at substantial extra time and cost to them. Very impressive in this day and age. Thank you, Sean and Mario.

– D. Nalle

McClane Company Inc.  – Delivering on the DOTs

McLane Company, Inc. is one of the largest supply chain services leaders, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for convenience stores. They contacted us for help in finding the best sanitizing solution to comply with DOT environment regulations.

Our sales representative recommended the Hotsy 943N, part of the Hotsy 900-1400 series of electric powered stationary hot water pressure washers that are loaded with innovative features for effective industrial cleaning, including a natural gas-fired heater.  McClane now uses this pressure washer to clean trailers that big rigs pull to transport product.

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