Water Maze Biological Treatment Systems

  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs


Bio-digestion is the best way to treat dissolved organic chemicals in your water. To convert the Universal Clarifier into an aggressive bioreactor, we load it with high surface area fill material that allows the microbes to establish high concentration and activity levels in the clarifier. We also connect a PM-1000D aeration and recirculating system to manage feeding the microbes the necessary amount of air and nutrients to allow them to thrive and chew up your contaminants as quickly as possible.


  • Low maintenance | Low operating costs | Simple equipment operation
  • Hose connectors are clearly marked and designed for easy accessibility and quick installation
  • Mazzei® venturi air injection system, 55-0126, sustains beneficial aerobic microbes while preventing bacteria from turning odorous and anaerobic.
  • Durable "True Union" valve
  • Intertek Certified to UL-1776 – US and Canada
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