Water Maze and Mi-T-M Fiberglass Pit System

  • Easy to install In-Ground Fiberglass Pit Systems


As compared to poured-in-place concrete pits that may eventually crack and allow water to leach into the ground, our durable prefabricated fiberglass pits immersed into concrete can provide double containment.

The In-ground Separator (IGS) is uniquely designed with two sets of standing weirs that force solids to the bottom of the pit. The Fiberglass Pits are ideal pre-treatment of heavy settable solids prior to entering in the in-ground collection sump, as well as providing a water collection sump, and submersible pump lift station.


  • Features a Catch Basin, 3-Stage In-Ground Separator and Sump Basin.
  • Chemically resistant fiberglass inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Easier and less expensive to install concrete.
  • Available in three sizes.