Super-Clean Phosphate Free Detergent

  • Extra heavy duty.
  • For parts made of ferrous metal.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Biodegradable.
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A powdered concentrate automatic parts washer detergent that is effective in cleaning heavy grease and oil build up on parts made of ferrous metal. It contains a corrosion inhibitor for protection against corrosion and flash rusting, and an enhanced non-foaming formula to assist with foam control in the parts washer sump. This biodegradable detergent is effective in removing oil, grease and carbon quickly. Also good for burnt hydrocarbons, scale, varnish, mastic and rubber removal.


  • NOT intended to be used on soft metals.
  • Highly concentrated | Dilution ratio of 1-4oz/gal. | Available in various sizes
  • Non-caustic | Non-foaming quick-release surfactants extend life of wash water
  • Extra load of softening agents so it works well with hard or soft water.
  • Competitively priced | Excellent value | Economical cost per pound
  • OSHA / WHMIS / GHS compliant