Heavy Duty Degreaser – Ripper I Concentrated Biodegradable Non-Caustic Detergent for Pressure Washers

  • Heavy duty.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Non-caustic.
  • Kosher approved.
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An industrial, highly concentrated non-caustic cleaner for heavy equipment, forklifts and trucks. This fast-acting pressure washer cleaner is especially effective on off-road and grease-clogged equipment and great on hard-to-remove road film on tractor / trailers. Safe to use indoors and on all painted surfaces. Excellent for cleaning shop floors and walls where inside cleaning is necessary. Also good for Grease / Cooking Oil; Mold / Mildew; Stainless Steel; Diesel Smoke and Acid Rain. This biodegradable cleaner is safe for the environment.


  • Highly concentrated | Dilution ratio of 150:1 | Medium Foaming action
  • Available in various sizes and bulk pack
  • Fully biodegradable. Contains no caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)
  • Competitively priced | Excellent value for cost | Economical cost per gallon
  • Specially designed for pressure washers | Designed for high temperature cleaning
  • Hotsy’s exclusive Continuous Clean Additive (HCC) protects your pressure washer.