Alfa Laval Gamajet Tank Cleaner Series

  • Cleaning devices combine pressure & flow to create high-impact cleaning jets for tanks, containers and barrels.


Optimize your tank cleaning process to boost your productivity and your bottom line. Using the right tank cleaning device can significantly reduce downtime, while using fewer resources such as water, cleaning agents and energy. Gamajets provide a solution for every tank, tote and vessel, regardless of shape, size or internal obstructions. Gamajet devices are also designed to increase plant safety by eliminating confined space entry for manual tank cleaning.

While enabling processing and manufacturing companies to conserve resources, Alfa Laval rotary jet heads effectively clean industrial & commercial tanks. Specifically engineered to use the pressure and flow available, rotary jet heads create high impact cleaning jets. Paired with automated and fluid-driven power, these devices maximize mechanical force reducing the amount of time, temperature and cleaning solution.


  • 80% Decrease in Water and Chemical Usage
  • 85% Decrease in Time Spent Cleaning
  • 100% Decrease in Manual Cleaning
  • 100% Cleaning Effectiveness